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Since setting up in 2000 as Dot Advertising, we have evolved to a multi-skilled team meeting high-level business needs through coordinated brand building and strategic, design-led work. Our approach to communications design manifests itself in creating strong and effective results for our clients. Whether a product is simple or complex, each requires a unique, compelling, and passionate expression – and, is best-realised when based upon the foundation of well-executed brand standards and style guides. It’s this methodology which builds brand recognition, loyalty, and trust – the results may be measured in increased awareness, value, and engagement. Whether collaborating with client actors, creative groups, or management consultants have come to know that it’s our understanding of design as a business tool, our dedication to excellence, our ability to stay current with design technologies and trends, and our commitment to quality that enable products and initiatives to be successfully realized. And modestly, it’s the practical approach described that enriches advancement of clients’ missions and strengths – fostering continued success.